Owner Rick Salyers has been a part of the residential and commercial construction trades in the Baltimore / DC and Hardy County, WV areas since childhood. He's honed his technique and skills early by working with family in masonry, roofing, and construction businesses. Although his business was not a full-time career until April, 2010 he has stayed busy with part-time remodeling and home improvement work over  the previous 12 years. Strict adherence to "old school" craftsmanship, customer service, and quality standards combined with "state of the art" materials and training is what defines us.

When it comes to construction and renovation services, second best doesn't cut it.

Whether you want basic or high end, our goal is to provide superior construction services to our valued clients. From design and build to complete renovation services, R & S Homeworks, LLC is unmatched in experience, quality, and skill for your custom project.

The Owner

Left is a bathroom after gutting, new sub-floor, Ditra XL, and moving a wall to allow for more space and some shelving. The finished product is on the right.

A very basic bathroom with a beautifully finished look.